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After struggling for most of my life with very low self esteem, virtually no self confidence, constantly beating myself up and periods of worthlessness, even to the point of not wanting to be here, I decided, after confiding in family and close friends how I felt, and Caron was recommended to me.
I decided to text her, as actually speaking to her, was just something I hadn’t the confidence to do and we arranged to meet.
We met, I cried within the first 3 minutes and after an hour of chatting with her, Caron agreed I was suffering from ‘through the roof ‘ anxiety.
I scaled myself that day out of 10, as to how I felt.. I was a 4.
Over the following weeks and with Caron’s help, I am now able to cope far better with my anxieties and feelings, and I’m in a far better place today, than I was in Spring.
She taught me to think happier and start doing things that had made me feel good about myself.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Caron to anyone suffering from anxieties, problems etc and I can’t thank her enough for helping me the way she has.. she is now my friend 

Angela, Horwich, Bolton



"You must do it!  So I went to Caron for a couple of reasons. Firstly let me say, the whole experience has surpassed my expectations. When psychologists and other therapists had failed, Caron managed to make a difference in the first session!  Other people noticed it and I noticed it.  

As time went on, I realised I was looking forward to my session every week and I started to sleep soundly.

By the last session, I used the techniques I got taught to cope with my issues and I have never felt so relaxed and positive! 

Caron is excellent. She is compassionate and made me feel at ease every time. Listened and addressed every issue I presented. She is a diamond and has made a huge difference in my life with hypnotherapy on a very difficult time. 

Thank you"

Rute, Horwich, Bolton


I went to see Caron at the beginning of January this year. I had been off work with a back problem, I had issues with my elderly mother who had just had a stroke and abandoned by the NHS. Everything seemed to come to a head at the same time and I was stressed anxious and feeling very depressed.
Caron was recommended to me by a friend and to be honest I thought that it would be pointless, but ready to give anything a try at this point.
From the moment I spoke to Caron I felt relaxed and comfortable and she explained the Hypnotherapy process to me, I immediately decided to sign up and hoped that she could help me.
Over the subsequent nine weeks I attended once a week for a one hour session and in between these times, listened daily, in an evening, to a bespoke recording that Caron had made for me.
It made me realise that what had happened in the past can have a major influence on what is happening at the present, but you cannot change the past, however you can change the way that you deal with the present and the future.
I would recommend to anyone feeling the way that I did, to contact Caron and give Hypnotherapy a chance, it certainly has made a massive difference to my outlook on life right now, and the way that I approach my problems and issues.
Being in a positive frame of mind, puts you in a far better place than a negative one, and makes you able to cope with what ever life puts in your way.

Thank you so much Caron for changing my life!

Martin, Westhoughton, Bolton

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