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While we may all have the odd night of disturbed sleep; continued sleep disruption can have an overwhelming effect on us mentally and physically. Lack of sleep can cause stress, anxiety and a feeling that your life has become overwhelming.

When we are stressed our cortisol levels raise which in turn stimulates our flight, fight, freeze responses, making you more vigilant, alert and negative. When we reach this point, we can become anxious which means we overthink at bedtime and then have an unproductive night trying to sleep. Once we eventually fall asleep we can wake in the early hours or just before the alarm goes off, leaving us frustrated, angry and stressed. 
If we are tired from lack of sleep, we become irritable, anxious and tearful, we can also overreact to situations that we would usually take in our stride and make decisions based on emotion rather than sensible thinking. 

Hypnotherapy can help with your insomnia by relaxing your mind and emptying your stress bucket which in turn helps you to reduce the anxiety caused by your sleep disruption. 

A regular sleep routine helps your body to rest and repair, allowing you to wake up feeling focused, motivated and positive. When we sleep our brain is recharged ready for the next day.

While we can't control our sleep, we can promote a good sleep routine with new positive habits. However, sometimes we are so tired that we fall into a negative spiral and find it difficult to create new habits, even though we know we will benefit from them. 

Hypnotherapy can help you to sleep better, clearing your mind and enabling you to create a new positive sleep routine that will naturally fit into any lifestyle.
When you attend your Initial 
Consultation I will be able to explain to you why you are suffering with Insomnia and what area of the brain is causing your distress.  I will also explain to you how we will use areas of the mind to move away from the negative patterns of behaviour and encourage new, positive behaviour patterns.

Here are some tips to help encourage a better sleep routine:

* Create a bedtime routine that you look forward to

* Decide to turn off your social media at least 2 hours before you go to bed

* Keep your bedroom free of clutter & gadget free

* Take the time to relax and wind down in the run up to bedtime

* Keep a notepad next to the bed and do a mind dump before switching the light off

If you have tried the suggestions above and feel like you need more help please contact me to book an Initial Consultation where we can discuss in more detail the ways that Hypnotherapy can help you. 

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