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       Self Confidence

    After struggling for most of my life with very low self-esteem, virtually no self-confidence, constantly beating myself up and periods of worthlessness, even to the point of not wanting to be here. I decided, after confiding in family and close friends how I felt, and Caron was recommended to me.
    I decided to text her, as actually speaking to her, was just something I hadn’t the confidence to do and we arranged to meet. We met, I cried within the first 3 minutes and after an hour of chatting with her, Caron agreed I was suffering from ‘through the roof ‘ anxiety.
    I scaled myself that day out of 10, as to how I felt.. I was a 4.
    Over the following weeks and with Caron’s help, I am now able to cope far better with my anxieties and feelings, and I’m in a far better place today than I was in Spring.
    She taught me to think happier and start doing things that had made me feel good about myself.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Caron to anyone suffering from anxieties, problems, etc and I can’t thank her enough for helping me the way she has.

    A, Horwich, Bolton


    Without Caron, I would not have had the strength to come off anti-depressants after 6 years. The help, guidance and therapy Caron has provided has helped me to understand my anxiety issues and ultimately this was driving my weight issues.

    Thank you so much for everything you have done and I would fully recommend Caron to anyone. She and what she does is truly amazing.

    R, Westhoughton, Bolton