"I can now be in a room with a spider and stay very calm"

Thank you thank you thank you to this lady! 

Spiders gave me panic attacks, made me emotional and sometimes more thanks to Caron! 

I can now be in a room with a spider and stay very calm.....and look, I can even have a bit of fun with my Halloween snap chat filters.....if you need help with a phobia Caron is the one to go to!

Georgina, Westhoughton, Bolton

EMETOPHOBIA (Fear of sickness)

"The treatment at Havisham Hypnotherapy massively helped me"

The outcome I had hoped for was to have a better understanding of what I needed to do to control my phobia and to not allow it to hold me back constantly. The treatment at Havisham hypnotherapy massively helped me with my phobia and to overcome tasks I’d never thought I would do until now because of the therapy.

The location it was in meant that there was no outside noise which would cause distraction and easy to find/get to. 

I would, and have recommended Havisham Hypnotherapy to my friends who struggle with the same phobia and different things because it really does help make a difference, well worth the try for the long run especially. 

Chloe, Westhoughton, Bolton


"Thank you for the start of my new healthy life"

What can I say, the best experience ever, listening to your relaxation CD for a week has made me so positive and focused more than I ever thought possible. I have been smoking for 30+ years and never wanted to stop, after my session with the amazing caron Illey at Haversham Hypnotherapy I've not even thouht about smoking.

Cannot thank you enough will definitely be recommending to everyone I know, such a warm & relaxing atmosphere and most importantly makes you feel so positive and stress free again thank you for the start of my new healthy life making not just me but all my loved ones very happy xx

Lisa, Atherton, Leigh


"I can notice a change and life is starting to feel much brighter"

Just when I'd pretty much given up hope, I find Caron, who is helping me so much to turn my life around. Already, I can notice a change and life is starting to feel much brighter. 


Everyday life is no longer a challenge and being able to look forward to the future, without being on medication, is just amazing. For anyone who is sceptical about this sort of treatment, I would urge them to give it a try.


Caron is wonderful and her calming nature makes you instantly feel at ease.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me - you're an absolute star

Sandra, Bolton


"The online Hypnotherapy was a great experience"

I attended online sessions with Caron as I did not live close to her therapy room. I was hoping to stutter less, speak more fluently and build my self-confidence.

After my online sessions I achieved this and saw improvements in all areas. The online Hypnotherapy was a great experience, it felt like we were in the same room. It was as effective as the in person therapy I had previously had.

Caron was very professional, she made me feel at ease especially as it was my first time having Hypnotherapy and I didn't know what to expect.

Robert - Age 17, Cardiff, Wales


"I became less stress and obsessed with food and my weight"

Initially it was weight loss but working with Caron it didn't take long to work out that what I actually needed help with was body image and breaking harmful habits and negative thoughts about myself, my body and weight.

There was a point when I was seeing Caron that I text her crying from the bathrooms at work because I felt so bad about the way I looked, felt like I'd eaten badly and felt disgusting.

I haven't felt that way since then and it has been at least 5 months. I also haven't weighed myself for 3 months which was a compulsion of mine and not doing so would cause me severe stress and anxiety and now I am not bothered.

I became less stressed and obsessed with food and my weight and gained a friend along the way! :)

Would definitely recommend

Isabel, Westhoughton, Bolton


"Could not recommend Caron enough for her Solution focus hypnosis"

Could not recommend Caron enough for her Solution focus hypnosis.

I had no previous experience, information or opinion on solution focused hypnosis when I booked the 8-week course for weight loss. So arrived with an open mind for session number 1. Caron voice, tone and manner enables a partnership to be created with ease between the two of us.

Over the 8-week period I noticed a difference each week, not just in my eating habits but in the way I approached and dealt with my every day food choices. It also gave me an inner sense of calmness. It wasn’t a quick fix, it requires commitment to attending the appointments and listening to the recording on a daily basis but with patience, it works.

Karen, Westhoughton, Bolton


"I've acheived things I never thought I would be able to do"

To generally become more confident in myself and around others as it’s been a huge issue for me most of my life
Very well, the therapy room is very cosy and makes you feel at ease which helps, making you relax and not feel awkward or under pressure. I like the blanket! 100%! I’m so happy that I feel like I can finally be the me that I was supposed to be all my life. I feel like I’ve been locked in a box and I’m finally the best version of me! I’ve achieved things I never thought I would be able to do, and other people have noticed the change in my confidence too. In my opinion everything was great
Absolutely recommend!

Jasmine, Westhoughton, Bolton


"We achieved my personal goals within 5 weeks"

I wanted to increase my confidence within social and work environment and in turn reduce my anxiety as I felt that was holding me back progressing in my career.

Yes 100%, I am now able to do things I didn’t think I would be ever able to do especially in work in front of an audience but now it seems second nature and very easy for me to do. I always thought that this was just how I was and never expected to become this confident and achieved this goal, if I knew this was achievable I would have done this a lot sooner.

We achieved my personal goals within 5 weeks which we had initial set a target of 8 weeks, I could not of achieved any of this without Havisham Hypnotherapy and I cant recommend them enough.

M, Bury, Greater Manchester

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