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Hypnotherapy in Bolton & Online across the UK

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Anxiety & Stress relief

Hypnotherapy can help reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety and stress.  Using the most successful and up to date Solution focused therapy I can help you to feel positive and start enjoying life again.

Sessions: Usually 8 - 12



When we are depressed or have low mood it can be difficult to feel positive again.  Hypnotherapy gives you the tools to think more positively and help you maintain a positive outlook on life.

Sessions: Usually 8 - 12


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Body Happiness

Whether you want to lose a few pounds, have a better relationship with food or be more committed to a healthier lifestyle, hypnotherapy can help you set goals and keep them! You will learn to make better choices for a new, healthier you!

Sessions: Usually 8 - 12

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Phobias / Fears

Have you booked a holiday and while the rest of your friends/family are excited you are terrified of the thought of flying? Are you frightened of Spiders, heights, dentist or have another irrational fear? If so, hypnotherapy can help you by removing the fear from the phobia thereby allowing you to face the situations in a calm manner.

Sessions: 4


Stop Smoking

Be smoke or Vape free! 

No more ashtrays, no more expense just a healthy, happy you.
An individually tailored session using therapy and trance to help you, the motivated individual, become the contented non-smoker you have always wanted to be.

2 Sessions (total 3 hours)

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Learn to love you again, seize opportunities in the workplace and attend social functions with confidence. Hypnotherapy sessions designed to help you love the person you are and rebuild your confidence to help you in all social, public and workplace situations.

Sessions: Usually 8 - 12

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Do you let nerves take over when you are expected to perform at your best?  By using techniques to help you feel calm, focused and relaxed Hypnotherapy can help you improve your performance whether it is on the playing field, golf course or a work presentation.  
Sessions: Usually 8 - 12

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