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My name is Caron Iley and I am a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.

I came to hypnotherapy after suffering an anxiety attack while making the bed!!! I ended up in A&E with chest pains and struggling to breath - initially the doctors suspected a heart attack!

I was eventually diagnosed with anxiety which surprised me at the time as I wasn't feeling particularly anxious.

However I am no stranger to anxiety.  I spent 10 years battling infertility, embarking on various treatments which included invasive surgeries, tests and resulting in several rounds of IVF.  This was hugely stressful and for most of that time of my life I was firmly in my negative brain!! 

Luckily this time when I went to visit my GP he recommended Mindfulness and after lots of research and discussion with a friend who suffers with anxiety, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy came into my life - I have never looked back!!

The core of SFH is helping people with a variety of issues to remember what is positive or good in their lives as this is so easily forgotten in the whirlwind of our daily lives and of course even more so when we are steeped in complete negativity and cannot see a way out. Using a variety of tools and working together with the client we literally change the mindset, rewiring the brain to change their habit of thinking in a negative way to a positive way, also calming the mind and restoring confidence. This helps them feel in control once again.

There are no words for how rewarding being a hypnotherapist is - watching clients literally turning their lives around, overcoming obstacles and helping them to be the person they recognise again.

I am passionate and completely enthusiastic about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy - I will do everything I can to help you feel like you again!

Caron Iley, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

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